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By completing coursework in the computer technology series, you can prepare for several industry-recognized certifications including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Linux and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA). Embedded in this degree are four Cisco Networking courses, plus courses in Linux and Microsoft network operating systems, making up the computer networking track. The field of computer science has provided graduates automation tools for all careers.

Through the Cybersecurity/Forensics track, you’ll learn the art of ethical hacking as you develop skills to protect data and systems. The high-demand computer technology and IT careers listed above all require a four-year Bachelor of Science in computer science, management information systems, or a related field. An associate’s degree in computer technology and IT prepares you for an entry-level job in IT support services, IT system administration, telecommunications maintenance, or Web design.

Or create new products and services by building your skills in web design, computer graphics, or software engineering. The mission of Manhattan School of Computer Technology (MSCT) is to equip each student with an academic foundation, and the professional training necessary to obtain employment in the allied healthcare and business environment and to provide local community members most in need with charitable educational services to improve their quality of life. Humber provides a range of services to support student success, including working with business, industry and government to identify employment opportunities.

In your final year, you will focus on integrating all your skills by examining the inner workings of networks using different application programming interfaces (APIs) to build network applications, comparing different computer architectures and completing a major project using an embedded system. Humber’s Computer Engineering Technology advanced diploma program trains you to develop and design the cutting-edge technologies that propel most businesses and governments around the world. Are provided with an opportunity to enter into The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (NAIT) Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management Degree program.

Students who are in their final year of the Computer Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma program at Humber, and who wish to pursue a pathway to a degree at Nipissing University can apply via the Ontario Universities Application Centre: Will be eligible for admission to the University of Windsor into the Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree program provided the minimum cumulative GPA requirements of 70% are met. This is provided through high quality courses leading to the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Technology.

Graduates in Computer Technology will be trained with a broad range of skills useful to computer-based industry applications including: The training received in this program will give students a good foundation in a number of high growth professions in the computer technology field. 08-732 is a 12-unit, full-semester course intended for graduate students, particularly those in the MSIT eBusiness Technology program and Societal Computing Ph.D. students.

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online. If you are interested exploring new opportunities with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Engineering and Information Sciences, you might consider the following programs. Whether you’re working to move ahead with new skills in your field or looking to take an entirely new path, DeVry’s career services team is dedicated to helping associate degree holders get started with or further develop their career plans.

To learn more about required and elective Electronics and Computer Technology courses for this associate degree program, request information or see the undergraduate academic catalog. Our Electronics and Computer Technology degree program may include these courses: Examples of core coursework areas for DeVry’s electronics and computer technology students include networking, communication systems and electronic systems.

At DeVry University, you have the option of taking all or some of your Electronics and Computer Technology degree courses online. Electronics and Computer Technology degree holders can pursue work in areas such as field service, sales and manufacturing, building, installing, testing, evaluating, and maintaining electronic systems, tools and equipment. Earn your associate of applied science degree in Electronics and Computer Technology (ECT) from DeVry University and develop skills to help keep our wired and wireless world running at peak performance.

Computer technology is a broad field that students can gain access to by achieving a bachelor’s degree in the subject. Professional certifications in the use of specific operating systems or software programs are also available. A degree in computer technology allows graduates to pursue a number of entry-level positions in a number of fields.

You will also extend your knowledge and skills in programming and multimedia techniques to include animation and virtual reality, with time spent on laboratory-based exercises in 3D graphics. You will gain hands-on experience of programming using Java, and of software development through extensive laboratory work. Description: The focus of this project will be the implementation of a more efficient network, and the building of a database-type quoting program for the G&M Service Company, a heating and air conditioning company in Raleigh, NC. The first objective is to have functional database-based quoting program implemented into the businesses day-to-day operations.

ATTENTION GRADUATES FROM THE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS. The graduate may transfer, with full two-year credit, into existing baccalaureate degree programs in engineering technology. Through internships, part-time employment, class projects, and service projects, students gain real experience for their resume and graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be leaders in their field.

Together with industry partners, our faculty update curriculum, equipment, tools, and software to make sure students are learning what the IT field needs now and in the future. In addition, all students are provided laptops, access to computer labs with projectors and whiteboards for displaying and editing code, and local web/cloud server access for creating, deploying, and testing networks, databases, and database-driven websites. A 2010 research report from the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 29 found “Very few ICT4D activities have proved sustainable… Recent research has stressed the need to shift from a technology-led approach, where the emphasis is on technical innovation towards an approach that emphasises innovative use of already established technology (mobiles, radio, television).” 30 However, of 27 applications of ICTs for development, E-government, E-learning and E-health were found to be possible of great success, as well as the strengthening of social networks and boosting of security (particularly of women).

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